Sunday, 10 July 2022

Dental care guidelines for disabled people with MS

I am a disabled, 66-year-old lady with mobility, core stability and dexterity issues who has had Multiple Sclerosis since 1976. I received personal care at home since 2006. My ability to perform my daily dental hygiene routine is not very good and effective anymore. 

I feel, by now, you will probably be able to picture this.. 

I have routinely relied on my caregiver to help me with internal dental brushing or flossing.

However, I have had one carer who was suddenly refusing to help with this service. Her grounds were that it was not in the care plan and that it would hurt and cause bleeding. This was repeated to me by her manager the following day. I know that they have said they would contact the dental surgery to receive some information.

I have always been worried that dental hygiene isn’t delivered in care homes or to remote social care clients who will need it because of MS or other disabilities in the United Kingdom. 

I would like to know what needs to be done to rectify this situation. I worry that I am not unique in this country being denied daily routine personal dental hygiene by a caregiver because of it’s not in the care plan. It was very difficult to remain calm as I was in my night clothes before bed. I think that it is abuse to someone needing a service that is paid by the social services or even privately. This is never seen through the eyes of the service user.

I think that a few things could happen with poor dental hygiene. Why is it not provided? What sort of education is necessary to have caregivers that have no difficulty with that?

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