Sunday 11 September 2022

The day after the road trip to the reunion with dear friends

 I am following up a day of massive sensory overload and hypothermia with a morning resting on my bed with my lower limbs extended but slightly flexed knees. Darker room and some snooze time for a good hour with body core wedged to manage the pelvis torsion and relaxed arms around me. Followed by drinking more tea. I am on my fourth…I have to get some shower earlier after my usual breakfast. My supra pubic catheter is managed with the night drainage bag…I have written that in response to a question on a #MS views Facebook page. Now that is done ✔️ I will carry on for you. 

I have found some relief from this routine over my life with #MS after all grand days out with major sensory stimulation. They follow up days of preparation and 🖤 emotional anticipation. I hope you will understand Multiple Sclerosis is my appendage to settle down quietly.

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