Monday, 30 September 2013

More on bowel management

What a relief, I have started doing the right thing...after a few years of sitting elevated on Conrad the Commode, I have been using a step to rest my feet on.
Correct position for opening your bowels.

Why was not I using foot rests? They need putting on and off. The poor assistance I got meant that they would  be on and get in the way of reaching the loo to empty a leg bag! The design like a bicycle pedal would have given me spasms...

I have used a step that my assistants are happy to place in front of me as they understand the benefit of using it. This idea has even been passed on to other people with great results.

This is the correct position for opening your bowels.This idea will improve your well-being, if you need to use a commode which is higher than a standard loo seat or a disabled loo seat of the Part M of building regulations...(really not enabling at all)