Friday, 25 July 2014

Wheelchair accessible bench

The joy of finding an inclusive facility makes me want to share it with all... Yes, I know my bum looks big in this but you must understand that I have no modesty
and I wish to share the joy of finding a suitable bench.
This one is in Aberporth, Cardiganshire where the coastal path is inclusive for a nice walk until the geology of such beautiful country makes it difficult to go further. As you see, I could have cup of a quick a book and have a meal...
The butler took my order and I am confidently admiring the view of the Cardigan Bay on Aberporth Inclusive public footpath. (I am joking about the butler really)
It has a very good design, the height and width are good for a wheelchair or a pushchair so parent could care for a child.
Single seat of the inclusive park or pub garden table on Aberporth Inclusive coastal public footpath in Cardiganshire...