Monday, 30 September 2013

Linseeds are good in many ways

I have returned to adding linseeds to my diet. They are not only nutritious but highly beneficial to
Linseeds are nutritious and beneficial
managing poor bowel function. This has been a long lasting problem acquired during my education in a convent school. There was very poor education starting with physical education...

Now that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has settled into a secondary progression my mobility is limited...legs and more like bowel function as abdomen muscles are weak and not exercised.

Why did I stop using linseeds? It is not easy to find in a conventional supermarket. I also stopped going into shops as I was not getting enough care assistance.

I have convinced my dear husband that these gerbil seeds as they have been called in the past are very important. He has found them on the shelf of our fruiterer Wm Buss in Keynsham.

My GP, MS Nurse, Bowel Consultant and Nutritionist were very interested in this...

They are lovely these seeds growing in a blue field and giving a gold crunchy finish to any meal. Go on try them!