Saturday, 5 March 2011

Wheelchair Saga or the Chariot War Goes on

Going to wheelchair centre on 19/04/2011, about time!

Cannot believe it is taking so long.
Invacare 2000

The chair is painful and negates most physio progress! Before, on 16/03/2011, there is a workshop of the NHS South West Review of the Wheelchair Service. A day of back breaking flipchart merry-go-round! Plan B: throw a few lines in and depart after lunch? I suppose that my PA could be a participant too as she is the one who sees quite a lot of problems with it. So, they would get a fair participation from us and let us go half-way, what do you think? :-)
It is an Invacare 2000+. It is designed to make life easier. However, it has been another story. It is very cheap, I found a similar model. It sells at about £300. I was assured that the back needed to be changed but it projects me forwards! I contacted the manufacturer to get an idea that individual foot straps were available. I got them delivered just before Xmas 2009. I got a plastic wheel model which has wheels removable. I had to take some medication that made me very soft and sleepy and I did not feel confident on the chair. I was worried I might fall off. So, I take a minimum of medication and spend a lot of time with a table across the front of me. That way I feel secure. I went to a meeting and the reputation of the wheelchair make had preceded me. It was described by a four letter word. Blunt but accurate! Nobody would want to spend their waking hours on anything called like that!