Monday, 1 June 2009

How My Life Changed...

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (for 32 years and use a wheel chair) BUT I also had another problem...

In treating my other urgent and serious problem the professionals did not see what else I needed because of my MS.

This was compounded by hospital acquired infection meaning that I could not go to other departments in the hospital for the usual post operation rehabilitation courses. I had to be treated in my room which was not suitable for what I needed.

I lost ground because I could stand and transfer independently before my illness and now cannot do this – and this increased my dependency a lot.

The hospital professionals treating me did not realise that to tell somebody “you will never stand again” is emotionally devastating and how badly it would affect me.

I was determined to show that with hard work and professional help at home - and dogged determination - I WAS going to stand again –and I DID!

I could have had more help –everyone with MS needs this help –not just drugs that only work in the early stages of MS or sympathy but real goals for real life -to be able to stand in my kitchen and take a mug down from the cupboard to make coffee.