Sunday, 2 October 2011

Loads of Progress

Loads to say, a lot of progress. I stood a very long time and a few times. Then I managed to rest when my PA was rushing around doing other things. 
That was not going to be enough, I was able to kneel for the first time in ages with a little help pulling me up on either side of my hips...and with an extra little nudge to the right knee at the start I was able to crawl up the bed. 
That was amazing. Sorry no photo or video of my standing with the Cricket Panache Standing Frame when I get some time to blog, :-)
So, the best bit about Personal Budget for care is not that there is no blue uniform with heavy duty rules and regulations near me, bursting into my life more or less when they are ready. It is that it is personal and my goal of regaining mobility is now very probable.