Saturday, 30 May 2009

Help MS Research Charity

I have no hesitation to ask you to help the charity MS Research.

I have helped the Multiple Sclerosis(MS) Research and Resources Unit in Bristol for 17 years. The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation(MSIF) used an extract from my Profile of the Month in December 2002 to illustrate what PwMS have to do to cope. I am amazed I thought that...

To keep positive I decided to help in MS research. In particular, in 1991, there was an opportunity to help with an experiment on muscle stimulation at the MS Research Unit in Bristol General Hospital (UK). However, in 1992, the unit was threatened with closure and I had to abandon some work that I was helping with. It was as if someone was ripping away a good book from my hands.

Now, the "good book" has been returned...

I think that it is wonderful that the MS Unit is moving to a one-stop centre to open a mobiltity clinic very soon and carry on with tremor and mobility rehabilitation research. that was worth fighting for. Now I want all PwMS that need it to benefit from this.

Please donate generously to MS Research, a charity that helps people like me:

MS Research undertakes to find practical solutions to everyday problems encountered by those with MS. Practical solutions for those where drug treatment is no longer effective.

There is a page called "what we do" on the website of MS Research charity, which gives an idea of how the funds are going to be used.


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