Monday, 25 May 2009

Mobility Rehabilitation for MS

My name is Laurence Robb. I am 53 now. I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1976 when I was working as a foreign language assistant in a secondary school in Chelmsford, Essex. I suddenly squinted when I was checking reading a number plate at a distance for my application for a driving licence. I am used to MS. It was diagnosed at the end of April 1983. It has been with me from Remitting-Relapsing MS (RRMS), until after arguing enough with my neurologist, we decided to call it Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS). I knew there was always something left behind after a relapse! I think it might have been in 1992. I do not need to see a neurologist. I have regular contact with physiotherapists specialized in neurology. When there are not enough of these specialist community neurology physiotherapists, I campaign to have some appointed. It is fun. My GP’s prescription is campaigning and physiotherapy. The neurologist I saw in 2003 approved. I have carried on with physiotherapy exercises from the time of my 1983 diagnosis. I became an outpatient of a local community physiotherapy service when I moved from London to the South-West. I progressed with SPMS from using one walking stick, two sticks and some crutches in 2000 to using the wheelchair most of the time since July 2007 after a nasty fall.

I am going to post this article as a page of this blog as it represent a very important period in my life...