Monday, 8 January 2018

Weight management - finding what to do

Should I ignore this? Be quiet have a biscuit or two? Things will get better.
I have not been able to stand steady on a bathroom scale for nearly 30 years. I have said this before. I have destroyed a few towel rails as I was trying to stand. Glancing at my feet made me lose balance. Do you use a stick to get weighed? Two?
People are interested to know my weight. I answer with a weight in kilos. That is a scientific measure that is understood by the health system. I am not coy about it. I weighed myself recently. Yes, I am starting to avoid a clear answer. It was in December last year that I got weighed at Living at the Vassall Centre in Fishponds.
The scales have been moved further from my home. I am not like you able to check my weight at home.
My GP, District nurses, Neurologist or any anaesthetist would get the answer. I will not give a clear answer soon.
I have no scale.
My GP surgery has no scale for wheelchairs.
The Health and Care provider for the Bath and North-East Somerset does not find it is within their remit.

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