Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My home physiotherapy kit

This is the kit I use most days for my "rest" period on my hospital bed in the afternoon. I do not use all the kit every time be reassured of this and it took me a long time to think I had reached the stage that needed a new aid. 
I rest on the bed. It is resting my back which has been "standing" from 8:30 in the morning. It is tiring to be sat in a wheelchair, especially with someone talking to me. I need to look up and try to get the conversation going. I have to move and reach for objects around me. It is like running on the spot!
By 14::00 I welcome a stretch on my back, it feels so cool and calming.
On #worldMSday, I am ready to share my kit on this blog:

  1. Yellow 45 cm gym ball
  2. Green transfer board also commonly named banana board
  3. Red elastic band (I wear it around the knees but it has other uses!)
  4. Blue 55 cm gym ball
  5. Red stretch band
  6. Blue stretch band
  7. Yellow 1  kg set of bells
  8. Leg lifter
  9. Looped sliding sheet
  10. BedCaddie: ladder-like design with 3 hand-grips to make it easier to sit-up in bed.
  11. Second leg lifter (I can pretend cycling in the air!)
  12. Second looped sliding sheet
  13. Foam column 15 cm diameter long enough to put across the bed
  14. Bed handle that fits the side of the hospital bed
I have a good static air mattress. I cannot use a gym mat or gym floor. I can use a wheelchair but it is limiting the movements. I roll on my belly and raise my head backwards.