Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Weight management - weighing wheelchair access

I need to clarify: MS Research did not survey the surgeries in BathNES. A student when on placement with the dietician did.  Only 15 of maybe 27 GP surgeries in the BathNES area were asked and none could weigh a wheelchair user...
Nurses took a very long time to suggest asking the Community Equipment service. After I got hoists at home in 2008, following the long stay in the hospital, this became a remote possibility. It was very much dependent on getting
Wheelchair user weighed in
the community.
someone to help me with a sling in place was not in my care package and the mobile hoist scale not available easily...It was a bit better than once in a blue moon.

It became important to know my weight before surgery in Southmead ( the pre-op check staff were not able to weigh me).
I decided to ignore my care package and did a trip to Paulton Memorial Hospital (PMH). There is a weighing seat that is offered ( this is only available in the afternoon and using my own assistance which meant that more staff were needed to hoist me from the floor with the digital hoist...not the first choice as it is for the in-patients). It has been such a long quest that I wrote about this!

I asked my GP. My knowing my weight was now urgent. Losing it also. My GP did not realise what I meant by not being able to know my weight. I had been referred to a dietician a few months before but that does not mean one is going to be weighed.
I found that the dietician can come only every three months. Maybe six months or it can be less.

Wheelchair user weighed in a wheelchair
I found that the Vassall Centre has a weighing facility in the Driving and Mobility Service of Disability Living Centre. Some bending of the care package meant a trip to be weighed once a month was a possibility. The service had been able to help with a hoist as their Occupational Therapist (OT) was able to check my wheelchair weight. It was called Living and Mobility but it lost its tender and has been renamed. The service carries on to help us. It does not take any new people on their lists. I think it might not last for long as the weighing platform needs calibration.
This very good service will stop being available at the end of the month...
The local MS therapy centres in Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire and Warminster, West Wiltshire have a digital hoist for their members. So transport and membership fee are needed...I think that the trouble of getting as far as these two needs a lot of care and planning regarding my catheter.
The dialysis service in Bath (RUH) has a weighing platform for their kidney patients.