Sunday, 18 February 2018

MS hug feeling

Having a rest in 1980
It was like a garter on my left thigh with a weight that came with the fatigue. It was heavier and heavier until I sat wherever I could. I used to get strangers giving me looks. The hardy ones exclaimed their opinion on my apparent drinking early in the day... It was difficult to get people to understand what I felt. I felt that the Neuro did not bother with it. I felt very much burdened and worried. I felt I couldn't and shouldn't mention that. I had been told not to tell people by my mother.

It started out very early in my first years of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and continued with different intensity until I stopped walking. It might not have gone as my left leg feels still heavy. Why is it not part of any consultation, questionnaire or assessment? I have never found that it was important but I hope the more it's mentioned it might have a medical name! I called it a garter as it was above my knee. I wonder if what I have is the same as the hug. I did not find anything about it, until People with MS started to mention it online in their blogs or on Facebook.

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