Monday, 1 February 2016

Bladder infections and catheters

I again had a battle to get a bladder infection treated sooner than the norm :). It goes from no action to prescription of antibiotics...I could design a board game but the theme is so unsavoury that the backers of Dragon's Den  would turn it down. It is full of trickery. The main culprits are the in-dwelling bladder catheter and Escherichia coli or E coli.

Too long story here, I cut down to the last few weeks in January 2016. A district nurse from Sirona was starting to comment about my drinking too much! Funny, I keep the bladder flushed as I keep the bugs away also with D-Mannose and HRT. She took the sample using a syringe; it was pink. I said that it stinks of bad stew.

The leg bag is clear and the sample from the bladder taken with a syringe through the port at top of the leg bag is getting the residue. The bottom of the barrel so to speak...

The surgery had sent her. They were interested to know as a urologist, at the Bristol Brain
Bristol Brain Centre in Elgar House
at Southmead New Hospital
Centre in the New Hospital in Southmead in North Bristol, had not been successful with his sample which had blood and smelt awful. The sample of catheters are not taken seriously once it reaches the laboratory...

I had to stress that I had started feeling very dizzy with vertigo, I had spasms in my right leg. I developed a toe nail infection. I woke up feeling cramped with painful heavy limbs and behind the neck and shoulders. I started a course of antibiotics last Tuesday: co-amoxiclav 500/ 125mg. Just after the first tablet I felt glowing inside. It is wonderful.

Now, I can catch up with leg exercises which had been left to the side as I was feeling sluggish to say the least. I phoned the surgery a couple of days after starting the treatment of antibiotics to give my feedback. I think it is very easy for the system to ignore a wheelchair user with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This can ruin our quality of life. Had I been standing on my pins, they would have taken more notice!