Monday, 30 April 2012

Standing with Cricket Frame

LR Standing 17th March 2012
This is too much and I have been not able to blog as you'll see by looking at the picture that I am a bit busy!
It is green or brown or both; like a cricket. It has the shape reminding of a cricket ready to bounce upward.
On checking, the company that has designed this very helpful equipment has launched a new cricket in 2012!

It is Cricket II; this could mean that Cricket II is the upgraded version of what I have the Cricket Panache!. 

I am using this handling aid not as for handling but for standing safely and upright! It is used in some exercise sessions with assistance. I wheel myself in. I sometimes use a wedge to tilt myself forwards as the wheelchair is tilting me backwards. Wheelchair are designed to make wheelchair users safe. The elf of health and safety gets in the way of standing!

LR standing 16th February 2009
I must add that I am 1.65 m tall or 5ft 5 and my discharge rehabilitation had introduced me to Person's Rotunda Handling Platform. It was not the best mobility rehabilitation ever...I was not making progress fast enough. To prove I was making some. I used a timer from the kitchen. Now my current timer would be doing fine! I was very tired and had lost a lot of muscle tone after 15 weeks in hospital. I was not straight. It is only February 2009 that I sensed progress was made. I was not using the Person's Rotunda Handling Platform and chose to return as it was too heavy for any caring staff to position and the short time allocated by the Social Services of Bath and North East Somerset was not availing any mobility rehabilitation.

The Person's Rotunda Handling Platform. is good used as turning platform for small people or even 1.65 people who are tired, weak and wanting to not complain again or moan because if you are ill in hospital not knowing what is wrong with you... as I found this out in March 2008... This part of the story is in my first article posted in May2009, once I had got out of of that terrible and soul destroying situation!

This might happen, I am sure, to many other people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) especially with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS). Caring and managing to live with MS is very hard in the United Kingdom (UK). People are not trained and educated to understand how to treat or care for this situation. I think that lateral thinking is what is needed and proper funding for Community Neuro and Stroke Services, like the one in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES), which has provided me, after a very long wait, this cricket standing frame.

Please note that I am not mentioning handling but elf! Standing is good and raises the spirit and I will carry on even if people say they do not know where I am getting this energy from.
On the picture of 2009, you cannot see that, instinctively, I was locking my knees and was straining my wrists on the slippery surface of my kitchen workshop the only safe place for me to exercise...