Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Nobody cares in WECA

I am still hoping that a new Metro Mayor for West of England Combined Authority (WECA) would mean a clear chance to develop a truly well-motivated and skilled population capable to give care and support to people with long term conditions
In Bath and North East Somerset what is happening is not very nice, but not many want to know about receiving care and support. There is a Carer Centre which is for people who care for a relative or partner where they get help and respite. Care is all the time hooked up to Health. There are organisations providing or dealing with Care and Health. It can be in another order: Health and Care. It is in big letters: must be important! That is not training anybody urgently with skills relevant to mobility impaired people with long term conditions, like avoiding falls and managing mobility equipment.
Nationally here in the United Kingdom, there are courses and diplomas dealing with care always showing a successful outcome. Young people usually female with gowns and degree hats thrown in the air...I want what they are having, I thought! After a look, it's not relevant to anyone like me managing a personal budget for social care. No high flyer like this would have practical skills. I fear they would just call me "dear" and talk earnestly about well-being, equality and inclusion.
Now let’s look at the receiving end…I am sad to know that people who thought they could work and give care coming from a hairdressing or beautician career do not remain in this job and care no more. I think no one is exempt of care receiving or giving. It is not considered a skill big enough to develop like reading and arithmetic. Yet there is a need for people doing this job. .I think that it is a sector that is top heavy, lots of cowboys you know the rest... Why has it not come to the notice of any one yet? It would make the like of me feel more independent and really included in the future of the West of England.
Laurence Robb