Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Care in the community

I am very pleased to have typed a few lines last week. It was after reading the leaflets of the candidates for the Metro Mayor. The letter got printed on page 10 of the No 270 issue of a local journal TheWeekIn ...
 I find this very sad and hopeless from the start. We are going to have some beginning of a devolution. I received the information through the letter box. It explains carefully what to do.
However, when I start reading each of the candidates pledges I cannot see that care appears anywhere. There are people living independently in the West of England who strive to manage their care. This means recruiting and employing their own staff with a social care personal budget.
I think there is a possible aspect of the education and future of the West of England that should be prominently brought forward in any #WEvote debate. There is need of training a well-motivated, skilled cohort of people of any age that would be after all well housed. Furthermore, having good transport, they would be able to provide care in the community.
 Why has it not come to the notice of any one yet? It would make the like of me feel included in the future of the West of England.