Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Having MS and finding it hard to go to work

This morning I found this very interesting in the Society Guardian. Disabled people have every reason to be sceptical about new Tory work plans by Frances Ryan.

I think that you should read it attentively! When I still had a job I was told I did not meet the criteria to get help. Yet, I took longer and fell a lot getting dressed. I could not shut the front door and lock the door without falling. I fell on my way to the car. 

I have a strong suspicion that things have become harder and "assessments" more heartless especially for People with Multiple Sclerosis or MS. I have had to introduce dirt during polite assessments...When I say dirt I mean it! Continence is something that people with MS try to keep quiet about. I went to work with a change of clothes. I tried to stay in work although I felt discarded in any present or future plan of the school.
Things are becoming harder.

It is very difficult to recruit staff to work the social care hours needed to help you go to work and contribute as you feel you should.

I do like this article. It has a good picture too! The best quote is:

After all, a job is little good if your local council has cut the personal assistant who helps you get dressed in the morning or the DWP have removed your mobility car. While they’re at it, they could push funding into the Access to Work scheme, rather than continuing to gut it.
Thanks Frances Ryan for seeing my thoughts.