Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Buying home care products for MS

Now, that is it… I take the plunge and will breach the delicate subject of continence and home care products. When Multiple Sclerosis (MS) progresses, there is a sad common aspect that remains very private…it is continence. Do talk about this to your neurologist. It works very well: in the Bristol Brain Centre I have a whole multidisciplinary team looking after me. There is no holiday; I got a letter from the Urology team today!
Home care products

Meanwhile, there is the domiciliary care that needs to be managed! It might involve buying gloves for the assistance that you receive and continence pads…so you can keep yourself looking and feeling your best, whatever your condition. 

I had found a company that provided me with products very reliably. I am able to order online or buy from them on the telephone. This beats buying packs of bags one at a time or feeling lucky to find any at the supermarket. I found a video that shows their self-service is easy.

My next question was about being VAT exempt...They have sent me a form...They need a form signed with the order reference each time you place an order. When your orders are over £50, the delivery is free. It is also discreet and dignified to have them delivered. It is helping to find a way of getting supplies without nursing staff telling you that you do not qualify for any help according to their criteria.

I will get a VAT refund. 

Have you found an easy way to get the products you need online in the United Kingdom? Have you found a good online supply that delivers to your home? Is it without VAT for People with a chronic condition like Multiple Sclerosis?  Let me know :)