Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sharing enabling ideas

Some enabling products are rather 
expensive and an indulgence 
that should be hired like 
the beach buggy. 
I have told you that I have been busy. I must not keep you waiting any longer. I was working as a volunteer for the MS Research charity...

I started a board on Pinterest which you might, I hope find useful to follow, share and try for yourselves. As life will always send a new challenge, I will find a new way or a new thing to help me. So see what I have added over the last year.

I like Pinterest as it keeps a tidy resource of pictures that can be edited if you run the board or ignored if you find that it is out of date. At the time of posting the item was at this website whereupon I found it, checked it and occasionally used it. The MS Research charity cannot be held responsible for any accidents incurred whilst using any of these items listed. It is best to make some thorough inquiries before launching into any purchase. I claim no guaranties that your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will go away after using any of these.

Here in my "Enabling Products I Love" where you will find a list of good products or ideas that facilitate good quality of life to persons with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) using a wheelchair or not; having impaired mobility and ataxia or not!

MS varies so much during the day, you may experience some fatigue and even have some symptoms that you are not sure about. You will like try to improve your everyday life with a few of these. However, some get listed here after receiving a NHS prescription and a sleep apnea consultation, like the CPAP machine...

Some are rather expensive and an indulgence that should be hired like the beach buggy.