Friday, 2 November 2012

My Use of the Hospital Food Leaflet

Looking for a simple diet sheet that I issue to my Personal Care Asistants, I found this mentioning my lengthy stay in hospital in 2008. I was not well nourished in hospital. I wrote this last year as a service user of Sirona regarding the design of a food leaflet.

I found a few leaflets like this the other day going back to 2008! The dutiful registering nurse had mindlessly issued; so I kept it. I think I am not sure if it was about food or being put in a home or the opposite. I did not want to read it. It was bossy and judging by what was served I knew immediately that to help myself I should ignore it.

The dietician was never seen so I fed myself: salty food, proteins and fibres. Sushi, nuts seeds, avocados and fruits and I was able to store and be served yogurt and actimel kept in the fridge of the ward. The staff were good at monitoring the supply and use by date. So I helped Royal United Hospital (RUH) and told them that their protein drink was out of date.

As people cannot bring flowers they want to bring treats; staff must have a list of what is good or not for a patient as the prescription and condition changes. Actimel or probiotics should be issued by the hospital when there is a massive infection to combat. Some cases should not have any so that is why the hospital does (Southmead, T ward)