Friday, 10 February 2012

A Moment of Joy in MS Mobility Rehab

This week there was no gym again as I was forever filling the gaps in the timetable for the week end and next week with my so called Nice Care Package for my Personal Care Budget allocated by the Bath and North East Somerset  (BaNES) social services.

One of my own staff has been ill for a very long time and it has not helped me at all as the outings to the regular exercise class, I had joined, had to be stopped. The progress of my standing with the Cricket Panache has also diminished as the assistance was not available. The painting sessions had to stop too just after restarting because I felt confident that anything started would not fester and nag unfinished in the corner of my eyes.

I recruited more people to fill some gap but it is mighty difficult as new people come and want loads of hours which are never going to be available. Some take what they can do as the afternoons are a rest and exercise session which I cannot afford missing with the Botulinum Toxin treatment which I receive against spasms.

So, I have someone for Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon...any crisis or illness can be covered as there is a possible cover. Then I found two more people before Christmas: one of them has had a wrist operation and is still recovering and the other who was wanting more hours only works as cover from time to time.

This is routine for personal budget holders,  is it not? Is it what is needed for mobility rehabilitation of a person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

This week after training on Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to do nearly a yoga posture: Half Shoulderstand -- Ardha SarvangasanaSo of course I stood better the following morning with the Cricket Panache!

This was a moment of joy!